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China finally accepted Joe Biden as the president of the US and congratulate him

China finally accepted Joe Biden as the president of the US and congratulate him 

Ironically china did not accept the victory of Joe Biden for the first time but a week later his officials are making a statement in which they are accepting and congratulating Mr. Joe Biden as the president of the United States. They are saying that the choice of the American people is Mr. Joe Biden and they fully respect the decision of American citizens.

The foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin also given her hearty congratulations to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris who is vice president. He said these likes during the general schedule press briefing. He is a considerable factor that china was the last major country that has given congratulations to Joe Biden.

Russia waited for the legal process

The earlier Russian president has also made it clear that they would prefer to wait for the legal procedure before making any statement. It is a noteworthy fact that Mr. Donald Trump has filed various lawsuits claiming a large-scale fraud was done during the voting. Russia claims that due to this legal process that would prefer to wait and congratulate the new president of America.

But is a matter of the fact that the majority of other countries including the gulf countries given their congratulations to Mr. Biden. They have already accepted the victory of Joe and openly accepted that he is going to be the next president of the United States as per the USA today.

Delay and reasons

On the other hand, china’s official did not make any remark behind the delay in the process of accepting the victory of Joe. Earlier it was seen that he made it clear that the US laws and procedures should give final confirmation. Nobody was expecting lawsuits for the big level of fraud and thus it is seen that even the citizen of the US is also still divided into this matter. Half part of the America who has voted for Trump is still confused and prefers to wait for the right decision. On the other hand, supporters of Joe Biden are celebrating this victory openly on the streets and a ray of happiness can be seen among them.

It is seen that all these things are happening when Trump always claimed that China is a serious threat to them. He also posted many sorts of tariff on China to curb the export from it. He put heavy taxes on the Chinese companies and a kind of war was going with Beijing.

Better relations are expected

Now after giving the congratulations to Biden they are saying that they are looking forward to a bright future. Now they are expected to have a more reliable relationship with the US and hoping that Joe Biden will be taking more appropriate steps for the international business. They are expected some practical approach toward international business. They are saying that collaboration with China can be a good step when Biden is trying hard to deal with the mess of the Corona virus and wanted to do something for the improvement of the US economy.

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