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Democracy and its constitutional rights

Democracy and its constitutional rights 

Democracy is considered one of the most powerful and successful forms of political notion in the world as it gives citizens the right to elect and choose who should govern the nation. The power and civic responsibilities lie with all adult citizens and through their elected representatives. To be more financially stable, regardless of whom is in the seat, you might want to look into playing some fun sports betting games via

When talking about democracy, it’s important to know its key features and its constitutional rights.

What are the key features of democracy?

For a strong democratic system, these key features are really important.

    • Multi-party system; This ensures that the ruling party doesn’t go against the general public’s rights. This is monitored by parties other than the ruling party.
    • Basic human rights and respect; This ensures that all people of the nation, irrespective of caste, class, race, or religion, entertain all basic rights.
    • Democratic voting system; This is based on the system of one person one vote. Therefore, all adults (18+) have the right to vote one time.
    • Citizen participation; This ensures public participation to check the working of the government. To some degree, the government needs to show transparency. Democracy allows people have the right to voice and participation in wrong political affairs.

As mentioned above, the right to voice comes under the category of constitutional rights and constitutional democracy.

What is constitutional democracy?

It is a form of government in which the authoritarian dominance of the ruling party is limited, hence preserving and securing the rights and interests of the general public

Constitutional democracy has its own set of characteristics and fundamental values as its basic building block.

What are the characteristics of constitutional democracy?

As the name can suggest, constitutional democracy means that it works under the laws of the written constitution.

1. The very first characteristic is that the government power is limited. These are particularly defined in the constitution, and those in power have to obey it.

2. Even though the governing party is in rule and is known as the majority, the minority or the public’s rights are supposed to be protected.

3. The most basic characteristic of any democratic system is sovereignty. The people are the major source of authority and are the ones who choose and decide as to who governs them.

What are the fundamental values that build a democratic nation?

As mentioned, democracy has to follow a set of rules and set values responsible for making a strong foundation of democracy.

1. The first one is also an essential feature of democracy, and that is the protection of basic human rights. These include all rights, such as social and economic rights, liberty, employment, and health care rights.

2. Democracy promotes freedom of speech of expression. This is an essential component for the healthy functioning of government and monitoring of its development and working Systems.

3. A constitutional democracy provides equality against all. It provides political equality, economic equality, equality before the law, which means that the law has no rights to discriminate against anyone based on caste, class, or religion. Thus, it provides justice and equality to all.

Without the features, fundamental values, characteristics, and constitutional rights, democracy can not and will not function to the best of its abilities. Therefore, the ruling parties must follow the laws of constitutions and the rules of democracy so that a fair political nation can be built with the public and their interests.

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