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What Are The Consequences Of Poverty On The Health Of The Children?

What Are The Consequences Of Poverty On The Health Of The Children? 

You will be shocked to know that billions of people from all around the world are living in extreme poverty. This is nearly 10% of the total population of the world. These are the people who live without support, sidelines, prosperity, which passes them by. They live without food, access to clean water for drinking, and proper sanitation too. The research has shown that the children who are living in poverty suffered from some worse health outcomes. There are so many impacts of poverty on the physical and mental health of the children. To be more financially stable, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

Birth rates and outcomes

Infant mortality is one of the basic indicates of societal health and, obviously the wellbeing. The people who are living in poverty have the highest infant mortality rates. The babies are generally born with low birth weight to have more risk of dying in the very first year of their life. If we consider it as a group, then the poor people who come under the list of poverty have an increased rate of childhood illness, related neurological diseases, development problems, health limitations, and they suffer from below-normal growth.


It is the most common type of chronic respiratory problem which is suffered by children. This can result in suffering, disability, and hospitalization too. This disease is a prevalence that has increased steadily throughout the year in children who are suffering from poverty. In addition to it, the risk of asthma increases with the increased duration in poverty. Asthma is caused by children due to higher rates of low birth weight and lower rates of breastfeeding. The environment in which they live is also one of the causes of asthma in poor children.


One of the leading causes of death and we can say the hospitalization among the children is highest. This is suffered by the children from birth to 14 years of age. The rates of injury-related emergency are very higher in the children who come from lower-income families. The families who are under stress due to the lack of the services available to them because of their poverty contribute to a greater risk of injury. This is because they don’t have access to the hospital and good supervision. They also suffer from mental health problems, which is really not good for the health of the children.

The final thoughts

Adult health is only shaped in the right way if they have shaped well throughout their life course. Childhood is the only key stage in life which leads to the development of physical as well as emotional health of the children. The children who are living in poverty have a worse kind of health outcomes. There are so many negative impacts of poverty on the life of children. The health sector should continue to provide some benefits to these people by taking care of their health. The government needs to take some action so that the little children don’t have to suffer from these dangerous health problems.

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