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Free space the Google photos is no longer a feature

Free space the Google photos is no longer a feature 

Google photos have been there for a while and people have enjoyed a lot its free and unlimited space for a while. But now Google is going to make a big change in it and there will no free space available anymore. Free features of google are very famous in the entire world and millions of people are using the free features of google every day. But the organization is known for its dynamic culture and it keeps on changing the various aspects of the features and its parameters to handle the various market situations as well. Now there is a new announcement that it is going to make a significant change in its free feature google photos.

Google photos

Google photo is a feature of google in which you can upload photos and videos. Earlier there was no limit on it but now it is announced that after June 1st of 2021 there will be only 15 GB of space available for the users. Every account will only have this much space and there might be charges for the more storage that users might be paying. One relaxing fact is that if you have already added some photos and videos before this particular date that will not be counted.

Storage capacity

It is seen that usually google provides a particular storage capacity to the users and it is shared among the different applications like photos, Gmail, and google drive. The company officials are saying that they are doing all these things to make everything simple and easy. This is going to put a significant impact on the various aspect of the company users. It is a noteworthy fact that this is a worldwide company and has millions of users across the world.

The big change with notification

This is said to be the biggest change and the company is going to put a regular note for everyone that how much space is left now. This can put a limit on everything. For example, some users were capturing the videos and audios in the unlimited form. But now everything is limited and they have to use the space with utter most important things only.

Helping tools is added

The next important thing is the addition of the tool which is done to help the users. The new tool will be helping the users to manage the photos and other things with great care. They will be able to manage the videos, images in a nice manner. This will be helping them to eliminate unwanted or unimportant things from the space and create space for something more important. In many ways, this is going to be a good change for the users.

At present, users have to spend considerable time searching for a particularly important file. The new feature will be giving a good chance to the users to create a particular space that is filled with important things. This will make the storage more meaningful and appropriate for everyone. The complexion of finding the files from the unwanted material will no longer be part of it.

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